Erin Condren Life Planner 2016-2017

I am definitely the kind of person who plans anything and everything. That’s why I absolutely love planners of all kinds! In the past, I’ve used a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, but this year, I decided to try out an Erin Condren Life Planner. I was thrilled with the quality, beauty, and functionality of the planner, and I will definitely use Erin Condren for future planners.


I have the classic LifePlanner in Watercolor Drops. This planner managed to make organization fun yet practical, and each page is filled with whimsical and sophisticated touches. Each section of the planner feels cohesive yet unique, making started a new month of planning exciting. The Watercolor Drops theme is absolutely beautiful. Each “droplet” is richly painted and the shades blend together in a stunning way. There are many cover designs to choose from, and everyone should be able to find one that they will love looking at each day. The covers are also interchangeable, so you can swap them out based on season or how you’re feeling on a particular day. They are also very customizable! On some covers, you can choose a color scheme and you can also add personalization. I got my cover personalized with my first and last name, and I’m so glad I did! It adds a personal and pretty touch.


That kind of personal customization is what makes the Erin Condren brand so amazing. You can design your planner to fit your planning style and make it look how you want it to look. You can choose 18-month or 12-month calendars, and select the starting and ending months you like. For the inside of the planner, the two options are colorful (pictured in this post) or neutral (black and white). The planner contains monthly spreads and weekly spreads to help plan your days out. For the weekly spreads, you can choose vertical layout (pictured in this post), hourly layouts, or horizontal layouts. It all depends on your style. You can even choose whether you want a silver, gold, rose gold, or  black coil! This is the difference between an ordinary planner and an Erin Condren, and trust me, it is quite a fabulous difference!

The Planner Page-By-Page

Now, I’ll walk you through my Erin Condren LifePlanner cover to cover.


Let’s start at the front cover. It is made of a very thick, sturdy material with a glossy finish. The insides of both the front and back covers are dry erase boards!

IMG_8632IMG_8633The first actual planner page is made of thin paper, and showcases the Watercolor Drops design. It is also slightly transparent, so the cover page underneath is visible.

IMG_8634Next is a two-page spread with a bit of planning motivation!


The next spread is the yearly overview. This shows all the months at a glance for the 2016-2017 year. It is very colorful, and perfect for big-picture planning.


The next spread doesn’t have a particular use, and can be used for any purpose. I didn’t use these pages at all, simply because I couldn’t think of anything I needed them for. The pages have 12 boxes with a banner at the top of each, so they could be used possibly for monthly goal setting, or to record major events. In general, they can be used for anything!


Now, we get to the section of the planner that I used the most…the monthly and weekly planning! Before each month, there is a lined page that can be used for a variety of purposes, like blog ideas, budget setting, fitness goals, to-do lists, and idea space. On the right side of the spread is a month tab that is painted whatever the jewel toned watercolor is for that month. There is a quote before each month for inspiration!


On the other side of the tabbed page are monthly spreads! These have a very sophisticated look, with large boxes to plan in. As much as I love the weekly spreads, I found the monthly view to be very helpful! I can look at the entire month at one time, and I decided to color code the calendar. For example, I used pink for family events, purple for my school assignments, and green for upcoming tests. There is a sidebar on the monthly spread, where you can record goals, to-do lists, or ideas. I used it to make a key for the color coding.


The weekly two-spread pages are what I used on a day-to-day basis. These pages are planned out perfectly, allowing for plenty of space and many possibilities for how to plan. These pages differ based on which layout you choose. In the upper left-hand corner, there is a box for a Thankful Thought of the week, although this can be used for other purposes as well. Underneath the box, there is an area for lists. Being an organization queen, I made weekly to-do lists in this space, and used Erin Condren stickers to check items off. In the boxes, I dedicated boxes to subject areas, and recorded all my homework assignments in them.


Behind the last weekly pages is a section for note-taking. It consists of three page types, the first being lined pages. These pages are perfect for making lists or recording goals. I used mine to keep passwords, make study guides, and keep even more to-do lists (I have quite the obsession lol). There are also grid pages, and then blank pages. The blank pages have a beautiful ribbon of watercolors going across the top. The notes section is versatile, and it’s up to you how it is used!


The last page is just so absolutely beautiful! The background is a rich watercolor blend, and there is a concluding inspiring quote. It’s almost too pretty to be in a planner!


After that, we finally get to the stickers! There are 4 pages of Erin Condren stickers coiled into the planner. Two of the pages are for events, such as concerts, birthdays, and appointments. The other two pages are filled with blank stickers in pretty colors. I used these so often, to write down an event and quickly stick it on a weekly or monthly spread. The stickers are functional, but also bring a pop of prettiness to the planner.


Behind the stickers are two pockets for holding small papers or Erin Condren accessories. They match the theme and are great for holding papers you don’t want to carry around. Inside the larger pocket is the Perpetual Calendar. This is meant for recording anniversaries, birthdays, and important events that you want to keep track of. Because I always forget major events, this definitely came in handy.

And that concludes the cover to cover tour! This planner is top notch, and I highly recommend it! Visit Erin Condren’s website here!


Along with the planner, Erin Condren also sells planner accessories. When I first got wind of these accessories, I filled up my cart eagerly, noting how cute every item was. Then, I opened my cart and realized that if I got my wish, I would have spent $200 on accessories. Haha! Once I restrained myself, I picked out a few accessories and I’m excited to share them with you.


Up first we have these adorable mini snap-in bookmarks! They come in sets of 3, although only 2 are pictured above. These bookmarks are very tiny, but they were just the thing my planner needed. They easily clip into the planner coil and hold your place on the current week. Plus, they are beautiful! I highly recommend them. IMG_8660IMG_8661IMG_8663IMG_8664

My favorite accessory would have to be this sticker book! I was so impressed by the stickers that I almost didn’t want to use them for fear of messing up the sticker book perfection! This book is one of the pricier accessories, but don’t let the $15 scare you away! It’s worth every single cent! From metallic circles to colorful banners and inspiring quotes, these stickers just add such beauty and sophistication to the pages of your planner!

I’m really crushing on some cute planner accessories like these magnetic page markers and Erin Condren wet erase markers!


In Conclusion

I hope you are seriously considering splurging on an Erin Condren planner. The biggest complaint I have, like many other people, is the price. A planner starts around $55. When you do the math though, it’s only about $4 a month for complete organization and a bit of prettiness to make you smile. I truly do love this product, and it’s a perfect planner! Now let’s hear what you think…has anyone tried Erin Condren? If you have any questions, leave a comment below or just let me know what you think!

* * Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post and the links are NOT affiliates. The planner is simply a product that I love, and all opinions are my own.**


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