Excavating a Life of Love

How do we live a life of love? We all like to think we are doing so and likely are to some extent. My mission is to dig deep into my soul and make love my number one goal.  Not the attainment of it from others but the generation of love, the sharing of love, and most of all, making my overall, moment-to-moment experience love love love love…. being in, making , and living a life of LOVE. Here’s why.

I believe strongly that we are all extensions of souls, physically embodied here on Earth, to do one job, which is to constantly vibrate to one another lessons.  Usually these lessons lead to deeper understandings about love in all of its forms.  I believe our work is to find out about love like a search and recovery mission.  At all costs, through difficulties and pleasures, we are to go out into this world and gather information and experiences that lead us closer to actually realizing the love that our souls truly are.  We are to excavate all that blocks us from resonating with love through all these lessons, with the help of the people on our path each day

I can say that I am, at this point in my life, understanding this dynamic. I now understand that the scrappy, messy, most uncomfortable phases of our lives are really just compresssed periods of excavating deeper and deeper to find new forms of love, ways of loving that may have been foreign prior to life’s most recent storms.  I never envisioned what my major storm would look like, though I must have agreed to it on a soul level  I prayed for growth and enlightenment every day for decades and asked God To show me love but when the storm began I was shocked by its timing and how riveting and Earth shaking it was.  I actually felt for months like there was no solid place to step.  I didn’t expect the depth of the pain nor the vastness of sorrow I was exposed to through my growth.  I always imagined I would gracefully climb closer to love in a gentle, spiritual way if I just practiced my yoga, prayed, and meditated.  I thought the knowing would be placed upon me, whispered into my intuition, breathed into my heart space.  Who knew that we humans have to LIVE these lessons to fully understand them? If we all knew this, that we are meant to traverse it all and feel it all and that it’s not usually what we would like to call pretty or gentle, well then, would we ever suffer? Wouldn’t we just accept the storms and be kinder to ourselves, knowing that we are just excavating new layers to learn more about love? Wouldn’t we all be kinder to each other if we knew this deep in our bones? The compassion that could arise, the patience with others, the softening, the support we could offer….

So, I invite you to look at your life and see your beautiful path. No longer look upon tough times as tough times but as the storms, the detoxing, that helped you learn more about love.  If you look back what did you learn? How’d you grow closer to love?  Along with the not-so-pretty times, have there been angels-singing, rainbows-forming ones that also lit your soul from within and reminded you of what you truly are, pure love, along the way? And then, after holding those times up to the light, giving them a look, can you smile and be grateful for every layer shed, every breath closer to knowing that you are, indeed, purely love, a physical body living a life of love?



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