The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Disney World

Disney is one of the most magical places on Earth, so your photos should be just as magical. It’s so easy to get caught up in taking cliched photos, but if you just dig a little deeper, there are some beautiful and unique photo spots in Disney World.

I decided to put together a guide of the best spots in Disney to get beautiful and creative photos that will make all your family and friends wishing they were there with you!

#1: The Magic Kingdom Castle from Unique Angles


Of course, the Magic Kingdom castle is one of the most photographed spots in Disney, but your shot doesn’t have to look like the photo everyone else takes. You can get a unique angle by standing under the castle and aiming upwards, or taking a shot from one of the two pathways that lead up to the castle. Also, if you walk along the bridge in Tomorrowland, you can get some great shots of the castle’s side and back views, like the first photo above.

#2: A Mickey-Shaped Treat


Another cute photo idea is to take photos of your food, especially when it’s Disney themed, like Mickey pancakes or a cake pop shaped like Mickey ears! Try holding your food out with Disney backgrounds, like Main Street or the castle for a pretty background. The Confectionary has some amazing desserts that will look picture perfect and taste just as good.

#3: Disney Balloons


Disney balloons always look so whimsical and pretty tied in their big colorful bunches. Taking some close up shots of them makes for a magical and beautiful Disney picture.

#4: Rapunzel Sitting Area, Magic Kingdom


This pretty area in Magic Kingdom is a great place to stop for a snack or drink, but it’s also a gorgeous photo location! If you look up, you’ll see beautiful lanterns and banners hanging and they make for unique shots, especially at night.

#5: The Cinderella Fountaindisney3

Behind the castle, you’ll find this beautiful Cinderella fountain! It’s so pretty and detailed, with pastel colors perfect for a photo. Plus, if you bend down, you’ll see that the crown on the wall fits perfectly onto Cinderella’s head!

#5: Harambe Marketplace, Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom has lots of great photo spots. The Harambe Marketplace has some authentic, beautiful buildings to photograph, as well as a pretty eating area with a cracked wall (second photo). The food truck parked there is intricate and nice to photograph, and the prayer flags and passageways are stunning subjects.

#6: World Showcase, EPCOT









EPCOT’s beautiful World Showcase has many photo opportunities. From the gardens of France to the stairways of Italy, and everything in between, there are so many gorgeous spots to photograph.

#7: Morocco, World Showcase


Although Morocco is in the World Showcase, I thought it deserved its own place on this list. Many people just see the front of Morocco, and they don’t weave through the maze of passages in the further section. Behind the main restaurants and shops, there are beautiful tiled fountains, authentic-looking markets, and other photo spots. Don’t miss these photo ops!

That wraps up the list of the best photo opportunities in Disney World! Now you can photograph the magical parks with a new eye, and look for truly unique photo spots that others may walk right by.

Share with me your favorite ride or attraction in Disney in the comments below!

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