The Hamptons Shopping Guide

On my recent trip to the Hamptons, I was amazed by the amount of boutiques and stores there were! The Hamptons are the perfect place to shop until you drop. From the beautiful facades to the flags blowing from each store, it’s hard to find a prettier place to shop than the Hamptons.

Because there are SO many stores, I thought I would put together a little guide for you on what shops you have to visit. This guide is grouped by the areas of the Hamptons that I shopped in.


  1. Homenature 

You MUST visit this home store while shopping on Southampton’s beautiful Main Street. It’s filled to the brims with gorgeous furniture, house decor, and more. I didn’t see a single piece in the whole store that I didn’t want…and that is really saying something! Homenature uses pretty shades of white, tan, and cream, and their all natural materials are amazing. I highly recommend dropping in! How could you not, with that brightly colored door and spectacular landscaping?


2. Sugarfina

This technically belongs under the category of eating in The Hamptons, but I thought I’d include it anyways. Sugarfina is a dream come true for anyone who loves desserts. It’s basically a store filled with tons and tons of candy, all packaged beautifully in little clear cubes. The store is owned by a couple who travels around the world, taste testing candies, and selecting which ones they want to sell. I got these Parisian Pineapples, imported from France and they are seriously the BEST candies I have ever had in my life.  I was incredibly excited to find out you can order them online!


The wall of candies at Sugarfina

Above photos: Sugarfina 

3. One Kings Lane

I was so excited to see a One Kings Lane pop-up store on Main Street! Located in a beautiful old library, this store had so many beautiful home pieces. I wanted to bring them all home with me!


4. Topiare Flower Shop

This charming shop carries much more than just beautiful flowers! It’s filled with flowers, gifts, home decor, and gorgeous quote signs. I ended up taking a sign home with me. It’s hard to enter the Topiare Flower Shop and not find something you love!


5. Letarte

This store really has island vibes! From swimwear to beach bags and gorgeous hats, Letarte is the perfect place to grab something spectacular for days in the sunshine.


6. Vineyard Vines

Technically, this isn’t a local boutique, but you can’t visit such a preppy, pretty place and not step into a Vineyard Vines! The one on Main Street was definitely the most picturesque Vineyard Vines I’ve ever been in, from the whale-themed bicycle outside to the high, angled ceilings.


7. Twist

This store is very unique and unlike any store I’ve ever been in. It’s got mannequins with bright orange hair, furry orange chairs, and beach balls hanging from the ceiling. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like you’ll find anything special inside, but you absolutely will! The clothing in this boutique is so cute, and they even have Hamptons-themed sweatshirts and joggers that they make themselves.



8. Ralph Lauren

This store is just impossibly beautiful. To get to the store, you walk along a winding brick path lined with hydrangeas, birdhouses, and impeccable landscaping. The store itself is stunning as well.


Sag Harbor

1. Harbor Books

This is the cutest book store I’ve ever set foot in! They display their books in the windows adorably and the charm doesn’t end when you walk in. The chalkboard art is Instagram-worthy and with the cozy sofas and chairs, it’s the perfect place to get some books and stay a while.


2. Flying Point Surf Boutique

This is possibly my favorite store in Sag Harbor! It was one of those stores where no matter how hard I tried, I could not find a single thing I didn’t love. This store’s buyers are doing an unbelievable job. From flip flops to swimsuit coverups, I literally wanted everything in Flying Point. Don’t miss it!


3. AYR (All Year Round) 

This adorable shop is actually a former house turned store. The owners did a phenomenal job turning each room of the very old home into a masterpiece. And that’s not all! The clothing and products inside are beautiful and so unique to AYR!


4. Breezin’ Up

This boutique has adorable Sag Harbor clothing. The shirts all have anchors, ships, or just say Sag Harbor across them. And these aren’t typical touristy shirts. They are adorable and you’ll wear them again and again!


So that wraps up my guide on wear to shop in The Hamptons! Keep a lookout for more Hamptons posts coming your way, including how to eat your way through the Hamptons!

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