Eating My Way Through The Hamptons

If the Hamptons are good for one thing, it’s definitely the shopping or the restaurants! I covered where to shop in the Hamptons in my Hamptons shopping guide. Definitely check it out if you want to know which boutiques you cannot miss on your trip!

Now, I’m excited to share with you where to eat in the Hamptons! It felt like there was a quaint cafe or bakery around every corner, and the oceanfront restaurants or bistros on Main Street were amazing! So without further ado, let’s get started on how to eat your way through The Hamptons!

Bhumi Farms

This is the cutest farm stand I have ever seen! From the perfect font to the yellow and white paint everywhere, this store could not be more photogenic. Unfortunately, the stand was closed when we stopped by, but I’ve read great things about it online and the menu written on the chalkboard looked great! I highly recommend stopping by.


Saint Ambrose

This Italian restaurant made me feel like I wasn’t even in the US! It absolutely could have passed for a high-end place to eat in Tuscany. Located in an alley/courtyard between two buildings on Main St, Southampton, Saint Ambrose was just divine. The ambience was spectacular, and the Italian cuisine was some of the best I have ever tasted. They have an indoor restaurant next door, which has glass cases filled with Italian, French, and other European desserts! It will definitely make your mouth water.



I know I raved about Sugarfina in my shopping guide, but I had to mention it in this post too! Sugarfina won for best candy ever in so many ways! You can read more about it in my shopping post, but in general, it’s a gourmet candy shop owned by a couple who travels the world taste testing candies. They select their favorites to sell at Sugarfina, and it’s truly packaged perfection!

Plus: If you can’t make it to The Hamptons, you can order the amazing candy online here!



Grindstone Coffee and Donuts

This place is just adorable in every single way! The tiled floor, gigantic donut statue, and rows and rows of uniquely flavored donuts make for an amazing experience. The flavor choices were fantastic, and it was so hard to choose! My Boston cream donut was okay, but not the best. But if you’re a donut fan, and if you appreciate your food being pretty (like me!), definitely swing by. Grindstone is located on Main Street in Sag Harbor.



Dress: Vineyard Vines 


BuddhaBerry is an awesome frozen yogurt shop in Sag Harbor! We were drawn in by their bright exterior and impressive chalkboard art, and the frozen yogurt did not disappoint! There are lots of fun flavors and toppings. BuddhaBerry also serves other desserts, and I was dying to try one of their crepes. Next time!


Sagtown Coffee

Sagtown Coffee is an insanely gorgeous coffee shop in Sag Harbor! Take Starbucks and multiply it by 10, and you get Sagtown Coffee! The chalkboard menus are incredibly detailed, the interior looks like it was designed by a celebrated interior designer, and the sweet treats are beautiful! Definitely get your coffee here as opposed to a chain. It’s not just coffee, it’s a Hamptons experience!


Navy Beach

The final place to eat on my list is probably my favorite! Navy Beach, located in Montauk, serves amazingly delicious food, with views that will stay in your mind forever. The vibe at Navy Beach is so laid back, with boats pulling up right to the restaurant, beanbag games, and outdoor sofas for lounging. Our food was just delectable, and we will not forget the ambience either! The nautical flags are a great place for photos, and there is even a camper at the restaurant that sells jewelry inside! Do NOT skip Navy Beach!


If you are headed to the Hamptons, please check out these restaurants and cafes! They are all truly amazing!

Comment below- Where do you eat in The Hamptons? Do you have a spot to eat somewhere in the world that you just love?

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