Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

Lilly Pulitzer has just announced some incredibly exciting news! The After Party Sale will be occurring on Monday the 28th!

Go ahead and set your alarm for 8 AM on Monday! The After Party Sale is always fabulous, with lots and lots of Lilly clothing going on drastic sale. This sale is HUGE for

Lilly shoppers! If you’re new to the After Party sale, here’s the gist.

Why It’s So Big: Lilly never has big sales, except for twice a year…once in January and once in August. The August sale is the largest sale the brand has all year long. Believe it or not, the store doesn’t even have a sale section on it’s website! So if you’re looking to get Lilly markdowns, these blowout sales are your chance!

Different This Year: There aren’t too many changes to the sale this year, but this one is major! Instead of being a 2 day sale, it’s now 3 days! This means there will be an extra day to shop and a larger selection.

How it Works: The website and stores open their doors around 8 AM on the 28th. Lilly lovers and newbies to the brand alike will be flocking to stores around the country and to the website. The site puts visitors in a virtual wait line to wait their turn to shop, so the earlier you get on the site, the better. In my experience shopping the sale, the website usually crashes from the insane amount of people on it! The sale moves extremely fast. It’s not uncommon to place an item in your cart only to find it gone a few minutes later. So if you find an item you’re truly in love with, just order it right away!


  1. Make sure your Lilly account is set up and that all payment and shipping info is up to date! You definitely don’t want to be scrambling to enter this information and then realize your items are sold out.
  2. Know your sizing! You can see a Lilly size chart here if you need to.
  3. Set an alarm for Monday morning! I already have two alarms set. You will NOT want to miss out on this Lilly sale!


I can’t believe the After Party Sale is only 5 days away! If you have any questions, comment below and also let me know if you’re a Lilly fan too!



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