Searching for the Perfect NYC Dessert

Last weekend, I was exploring New York City and taste-testing at plenty of bakeries and restaurants. I was in search of sugary perfection, and I’m excited to share my guide of the desserts I tried and which I think is truly the best!

Plaza Food Court:

Some of the most amazing NYC food is hidden under the famous Plaza Hotel. The Plaza Food Court is located on the lower level of the Plaza, and it’s open to the public and filled with amazing dessert stands and restaurants. Over my past few trips to the city, I’ve gotten to try lots of these stands…so here’s the lowdown.

Billy’s Bakery:

This cupcake and cake stand with its pale turquoise colors and rows of perfectly iced cupcakes couldn’t be prettier. We taste tested the yellow daisy cupcakes and the chocolate on chocolate cupcakes. They were all absolutely amazing and just irresistible! Billy’s Bakery is a great place to check out.

Epicerie Boulud: 

This adorable French cafe is filled with bread, pastries, soups, and sandwiches. From pretty pastel macarons to loaves of warm baguette, Epicerie Boulud is the perfect place to stop for a mid-day treat.

Vive La Crepe:

This stand in the Plaza Food Court is heaven for anyone who loves a good crepe. The staff makes your crepe right in front of you and the flavor options are abundant. I can’t even describe how incredible the crepes at Vive La Crepe are. Be sure to stop by and you will not be disappointed!

William Greenberg Desserts:

The amount of pastries and desserts for sale at William Greenberg is astounding. Whether you’re a die-hard iced cookie lover or you’re craving a pie, William Greenberg has every dessert you could imagine, and they have major expertise in the area of sweet making.

FP Patisserie:

This patisserie features incredibly elaborate cakes, pastries, and confections made with wonderful ingredients. Their treats are fabulous and beautifully made.

Around NYC:

Dylan’s Candy Bar:

Dylan’s Candy Bar is amazing candy and chocolate, rainbow colors, and a happy state of mind all swirled into one big lollipop of a candy shop. Upon entering Dylan’s, you’re greeted by a gigantic chocolate bunny statue, lollipops hanging from the ceiling, and walls of candy in every shape, size, and color imaginable. This store is 2 floors of candy with a cafe on the 3rd floor. There is even a wall of Famous Favorites, featuring autographed candy jars filled with celebrity favorites…and a huge mural of the candy bar’s founder that is made out of candy!

Magnolia Bakery:

The last dessert stop on the list is Magnolia Bakery. Famous for their amazing cupcakes, cakes, and banana pudding, this classic and gorgeous bakery did not disappoint. It was extremely crowded with tons of tourists and locals alike wanting to get a taste of the bakery’s confections. After getting 6 cupcakes and devouring them at the hotel, we found ourselves back at the bakery the next day ordering a dozen to take home with us. They were probably the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.

And the Winners Are….

1st Place: Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia’s desserts were just so scrumptious that they were the clear winner for best sugary sweets we tried.

2nd Place: Vive La Crepe

Coming in close second is Vive La Crepe with their delectable French crepes!

3rd Place: Dylan’s Candy Bar

Finally, Dylan’s deserves a spot on the winner’s list. Between the whimsical atmosphere and one-of-a-kind candy, this is a can’t miss stop in New York!

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