The Guide to Pumpkin Painting

It’s getting close to Halloween and I couldn’t be more excited! In honor of the upcoming holiday, I’m sharing how to make DIY pumpkin decorations…with no carving necessary! Just a few coats of paint later, your pumpkin can be transformed into these pretty decor pieces that look good just about anywhere.  

Cupcake Pumpkins:

Here’s what you’ll need….

  • Pumpkins (real or fake)
  • Cream colored paint
  • Brightly colored paints (I used pink, purple, red, white, yellow, and green)
  • Paint brushes

And here’s how you’ll do it…

  1. Paint the whole pumpkin with the cream colored paint. Even if you are using white pumpkins, it still looks better if the entire pumpkin has been painted cream.
  2. Wait for the paint to dry. If the pumpkin below is still visible, add a second coat.
  3. Use a bright color (like pink or purple) to paint the top half of the pumpkin. I used a thin paintbrush to draw a line in the middle of the pumpkin and then I filled in from the line to the stem to ensure that it was even on all sides. This will make the “frosting.”
  4. Paint a second coat once dry
  5. Then, the fun part! Use small paintbrushes to paint little rainbow lines all over the frosting. These are the “sprinkles.”
  6. Let the pumpkin dry (overnight is best!) Then you’ll have some super sweet decorations.

I originally saw cupcake pumpkins on Pinterest a few years ago and decided it would be fun to try to make them myself! The results were great and I highly recommend this easy DIY!

The Other Pumpkins:

To make the initial pumpkin, just paint the entire pumpkin white. Then, take push pins (I used rainbow but gold would look lovely too) and spell out the word or initial of your choice.

To create the sunflower pumpkin, you just have to paint yellow petals going around the stem of the pumpkin (which acts like the center of the sunflower.) Then, you can add a leaf or two as a pretty touch.

The last striped pumpkin is super easy but fun! Take painters tape and wrap it around the pumpkin, leaving spaces in between. Then paint the whole pumpkin (also paint over the tape) and then peel off the tape. This will leave you with alternating stripes. You can then paint the orange pumpkin stripes as well.

That’s it for these easy DIYs! Get excited for Halloween everyone, it’s coming soon! 🙂



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