Best Baking Tips from Pinterest

Baking is so much fun for many people! I know that I love stirring together ingredients, popping them in the oven, and pulling out a delicious dessert.

But for some people, baking isn’t a piece of cake! Even experienced bakers could use a little help from time to time. To make baking easier for all of us, I’ve put together some of the best hacks I’ve found on Pinterest that will solve all your baking problems.

1. When you run out of an ingredient

It happens to everyone…you think you have all the ingredients you need and then you run out of a key element! If this happens to you, don’t panic- just use this handy swap chart from Just a Pinch’s Pinterest!

baking swaps

2. When you can’t get cake pops to not smear

Cake pops are a fun, easy treat to make, but there is one problem with them. When you’re done dipping the pops, how do you let them dry without smearing one side? Well now, you can use this Pinterest hack!


3. You have no piping bags, so you have to make one!

Piping bags or something of that nature is an essential when icing cupcakes. But what if you’ve made your cupcakes and realize you have nothing that you can turn into a piping bag?! Well, unless you want your cupcakes un-iced (but the icing’s the best part!), then you should watch this video to help you out!


4. When you want the professional effect, but you’re horrible at icing!

I know that I’m awful at icing cakes and cupcakes! I can just never get it right. But thanks to this Pinterest hack, you can fake it ’til you make it with a spoon and fork.


5. Sometimes you just need a chart

This is pretty self explanatory, but when you’re baking, sometimes you don’t have time to stop and do the math. This Pinterest chart is super helpful to have on hand. cutting in half

6. Your layer cake keeps cracking…plus solutions to 44 more problems!

This hack just uses a slice of bread to stop cracks from forming in your layer cakes. Plus, this Pinterest tip links to 44 more baking hacks!


Hopefully this article will help you out when baking! Before you go, be sure to follow this blog on Pinterest! I pin lots of things, from home décor to travel inspiration, and of course baking tips and recipes.



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