My Skincare Favorites

I’m so excited to be sharing my favorite skin and body products with you guys! If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s pampering myself with lotions, perfumes, and face washes, and I’m sure lots of you guys do as well! These are some of the products that I can’t get enough of lately, plus some holy grails that I’ve been using for a long time. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: None of these products are sponsored. All opinions are my own and I genuinely love these items!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

Guys, I cannot rave about the tea tree line enough! I swear these products are magic! My face already looked better after one day of using this line. Now, after using it for a month or so, my skin has never looked better. If you have oily skin, this line will probably save your skin! I use the cleanser (shown here in both regular and travel size), as well as the targeted gel and face mask. The best part about The Body Shop is that they are cruelty free! Such a great brand to support 

Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads 

These moist pads help remove blackheads and limit breakouts…and they totally work! They’re pre-moistened and so easy to use. Just swipe one over your face and say goodbye to breakouts! AVEDA is a natural, cruelty free brand as well.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray and Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

I love these two face mists so much! Both immediately refresh your face and give it a pretty inner glow. Rosewater is so good for your skin and thee two products work fabulously. Definitely get your hands on either of them.

Plus: The Mario Badescu spray comes in a travel size which is pictured here. So perfect for a light spritz on vacation!

The Body Shop Banana Body Yogurt

This body yogurt is out of stock on the website, but you can still check for it at Ulta, which is where I snatched it up. Body yogurts are The Body Shop’s newest product, and they’re heavenly! They actually look quite a bit like yogurt and they leave your skin feeling moisturized and silky. The banana smell is divine, and it transports you to tropical paradise with one whiff. I completely recommend this yogurt!

Philosophy Fresh Cream Perfume

I smelled this Philosophy perfume in Ulta one day, and I just had to have it. The smell is very clean and not too strong. It’s the perfect everyday perfume and I’ve been wearing it all the time. Philosophy is famous for their Amazing Grace perfume, but I actually like Fresh Cream so much more.

My other go-to perfumes are Lait de Coco and Sel Ocean, both from Urban Outfitters. They smell amazing!

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

I promise this post isn’t sponsored by The Body Shop…I’m just a little too obsessed with it! This body butter has been my favorite for such a long time. No matter how many other lotions or body butters I try, I always come back to this Coconut Body Butter. I could talk about it forever, but honestly, you just have to get some!

That’s it for this roundup of products! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this. I think they’re just so fun!

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