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About the Blog

Life of Love was founded in June, 2017, by Kaila and Nicole. It began with an idea to make the world a more beautiful place through lifestyle posts, and has blossomed into so much more. It’s a destination for topics like travel, outfit inspiration, home decor, and creating a happy lifestyle.

The blog’s goal is to inspire you to find the beauty of everyday life. Nicole and Kaila want you to smile on a daily basis, while creating your own life of love. They are passionate about creating a thriving and wonderful home and life, and want to share this with you.





About Kaila

Kaila is the designer of the blog, and Life of Love’s main writer. She writes travel, fashion and lifestyle articles from the perspective of a young teen girl. Kaila also takes the photos for the blog’s Instagram and manages all of the social media accounts.

She strives to have a balanced and beautiful lifestyle, where she has time to do what she loves.

Kaila loves animals, and is the proud owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is happiest when traveling or by the sea!





About Nicole

Nicole is the force behind the idea of Life of Love. She is a yoga instructor who has practiced for many years, and she wants to help people through tough times. She writes some of the lifestyle posts on the blog in between her busy schedule.

Nicole loves the Caribbean, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and spending time with her children. She hopes that you love the blog as much as she does.






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You can reach Nicole and Kaila at hello.lifeofloveblog@gmail.com. They would love to hear from you, so shoot them an email!

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